Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bed Bugs.

so they aren't really bugs....or a's JAYDEN!

when Kreg went hunting I allowed Jayden to sleep with me. no biggie. until it turned into something he wanted to do EVERY night. we've been pretty good with convincing him to get into his own bed and he tries at least 3 times every night to crawl in with us. each time Kreg marches him back into his own bed. but last night, niether Kreg or I could put him back due to his excuse.

of course Jayden comes in and crawls over Kreg without Kreg even flinching. I have to nudge Kreg and Jayden looks over at me. I ask him why he is in my bed. His response: "Your bed warm, my bed just too cold."

we figured we couldn't put the poor baby back into a cold bed. that kid has our number. DAMN IT.