Sunday, January 13, 2008

the......not so funnies.....

so we, Kreg, Kenny and I, are sitting around Kenny's kitchen table yesterday working on putting the ribbon on their wedding invitations ........ we are about half way through the pile when I realize that Kreg doesn't realize there is a shiny side and dull side to the ribbon. and the shiny side is suppose to be up. I flip through the invitations to realize over half of them have the ribbon on wrong. oh brother......and we had exactly enough ribbon and tabs to complete the invitations with no room for mistakes. we didn't think Marsais would notice.........when, yep, she did.

and when Marsais got home from work, she was so excited to see the boys since she hadn't seen them since Christmas. she asked Hunter if he had been playing his Wii. Hunter told her "sometimes" and her reply, "Sometimes! Boy you better play it a lot. You don't know all the trouble your mom went through to get you that thing." I don't think she realized just how bad it was until she saw the look of horror on my face and hearing Kenny die in the background. Hunter looked at her funny and quickly reminded her santa brought him that. She broke Hunter into giggles with tickling.