Monday, January 14, 2008

hard days night.

I barely slept last night because my mind was on all those dealing with a friend's death and I could hear Jayden huffing and puffing.

But Jayden arose and was ready for school.

2 hours into work, I get the call to come and get him. He keeps telling everyone he just doesn't feel good.

By time I get to the school, I was shocked. The poor little guy was gasping for each breath.

I rush him to the doctor's office.

They immediately check his oxygen levels, which were dangerously low.

They start him on albuterol and something else followed by oxygen.

They check his oxygen level and it slightly improved but not enough.

So they start more albuterol.

His oxygen level finally rises enough so that we don't have to worry. The doctor gets a good listen to his lungs and says besides the wheezing, he sounds good.

Chalk it up to a mega asthma attack.

We get a mega dose of steroids, 4 prescriptions and are now back home doing breathing treatments about every 2 hours.

Each breathe leaves his chest heavy, looking for air, so the poor guy is just miserable.

I think we have a pretty tough night ahead of us.

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shalonda said...

oh dear angie pirr littel guy!!!! hope yall get some rest tonight although with breathing treatments very 2 hrs that could be tough...hope he feels better soon

Amy said...

I feel your pain, girlie -- let me know if I can do anything to help!!