Thursday, January 03, 2008

2 weddings & a graduation

what we have to look forward to in 2008! and technically, that should be 2 graduations, since Hunter will graduate from Kindergarten!

and not to mention the 2 babies from friends we are expecting in March.

my darling brother Kenny will be getting married in Feb. 44 days from now to be exact. and my entire family is in the wedding. yes, Kreg and both boys and I. I'd give more details but I really don't have them. dress did arrive and it's 2 sizes too big. I've yet to taken it to be altered. but least I have my dress. the other's aren't expected in until almost Feb. I, the SavvyShopper that I am, ordered my dress online for over $100 less than everyone else. god knows renting 3 tuxes is going to take a chunk out of us.

my baby brother Justin will be graduating from High School in May. not only does it make me feel completely old, I just can't believe it. He has been my life saver since we moved to La Grange. His nephews adore him and he's that little brother Kreg always wanted. As much as I really hope he goes to a GREAT college, I think he should start off slow at a college around here.

and my little Hunter. the child not only is going through a tremendous growth spurt, I know those pants fit in August when we bought them, but he's learning so much. watch what you wear or read or say. he stops and reads every t-shirt. he knows exactly what's on tv. he flies through games on the computer and wii now because he can read it all! don't even think about doing something without the directions because he will sit next to you and read the instructions for you and tell you what you are doing wrong or not doing directly as told. in school, he's the 1st one to read instructions on worksheet and tells everyone what to do. he has grasped reading so well.

and of course, we were suppose to be participating in a Read-A-Thon fundraiser for school, and I have NO idea where the sign-up is. so over the course of the 2 weeks we had to raise money, we raised none.

having 14 days off can screw with your mind. and it doesn't help that Kreg was off for 12. not a good combination.

as I was trying to get everything read for school today, I searched the house for 45 minutes yesterday looking for Hunter's nap mat. only to finally ask him and he reminds me, he didn't bring it home, just the cover. there goes 45 minutes I will never get back. but great to know where various hiding places are around here.

of course, in anticipation for school today, the boys were IN bed at 8:00 last night but when Kreg went to shut Hunter's door at 9, he was still WIDE awake. and he was up at 6:45 excitedly bouncing. we will see if he is still bouncing when I pick him up.

I have vowed to stop eating emotionally, since I really need to put off the weight I've gained. Our scale broke before we moved here and no one has replaced the battery. Not that I'm pushing for that.............

I hope everyone had a great New Year's. (I was in bed by 10:30)