Tuesday, January 15, 2008

quick history lesson

I'm running off of about 2 hours of sleep and I'm a girl who requires 8 to function.

poor little Jayden. He wants to sleep. He needs to sleep. But he just can't. His little body is so wired from all the steroids. I'd be okay if I could see them working better but his breathing still isn't at a pace that I feel comfortable with. I hope the oral meds kick in soon.

I just hug him and thank god I'm not in my moms shoes at the moment.

when you live in a small town, everyone seems to be connected to everyone some how. so I'll shed a little light before I have to run to the store for more tissues.

Justin, Jay & Bradley were all close friends. They ran around together, designed the boys football t-shirts, partied together and so much more.

Jay is the son of my boss, who is also my landlord. Because the boys have known each other forever, my parents have been friends with them for quite some time. That's how we scored the rent house.

Bradley's parents are just well known around town. So his death has hit the community as a whole.

Watching the people around you suffer so much is very hard. Trying to help kids understand and cope is never an easy task.

My thoughts are on my brother today.

Bradley's mom asked Justin and Jay to ask the boys to wear their shirts today to the funeral. Justin wants his to go with Bradley. He's going to place it on top his casket.

It hurts to watch someone you love in so much pain. I can't imagine my mom or my boss. As a mother, seeing your child in pain is the worst feeling.

as my child bounces from room to room, off one wall to the next, I grab him and hug him a little tighter because, thank god, his pain will ease shorty and I think of those whose won't.