Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ho hum.

so we haven't been having as much fun as amy, but I guess that's what happens when mom goes back to work.

or she gets this wild itch to bake....and bake and bake some more. it doesn't help that we have pecans coming out of our rears. and I've been sending boxes and boxes to friends to help lesson our piles. but in the past week I've made Pecan Pie Bars, Pecan Tassies, Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies, Pecan Cheesecake Pie, Pumpkin Bread, Eggnog Bread....

the lovely recipients of most of these wonderful homemade items have been my work and the boys teachers. oh......and Popo.

and for Thanksgiving I'm making a German Chocolate Pecan Pie. Thank goodness most of this stuff I don't eat ;)

in other news........

we received around 7 inches of rain Saturday night/Sunday morning.

and it's raining now again.

Jayden has been running fever all afternoon. And has had a horrible cough. Always in time for the holiday's. In which everyone feels compelled into trying to guilt us into doing what they want. Hello??? can Kreg and I not make the decision about what WE want to do?

moving on........

Hunter is reading like a champ at school and I couldn't be prouder. he's on to his 3rd reading folder and has been the 1st one to complete the other 2 folders. He is trying so hard and doing such a great job. It's so precious to see him sit down and read to my dad. Of course, as soon as he finishes the 1st page, my dad starts at him with questions. My mom and I told him to stop but he made a valid point. Hunter just can't read, he has to understand what he's reading. Go Popo!

I took the boys up to the hospital to see Santa this weekend at the craft fair. My normally rambunctious boys turned completely smitten upon sitting on Santa's lap. It was quite shocking.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Of course, I've saved the best snapshot for the Christmas card coming to your mailbox soon.

Today starts a 5 day holiday for the whole family. Pending everyone feeling well, we are looking forward to decorating for Christmas on Friday.

And to all the yummy food on Thanksgiving because..............Thanksgiving is all about food! Before you say that I'm being too cynical about the holiday, think about the origins of this holiday - it was a feast. Yes - Thanksgiving is a feast, and food is an integral part of that feast.


Deb said...

One of my favorite diet "tips" is:
Fatten up the peopl;e around you - that will make you look thinner.

Sounds like you have the same plan.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We may be getting snow...

Deb said...

And Santa can't say "Ho, Ho , Ho" this year- so what is he saying?