Monday, March 05, 2007

getting back....

almost a week later and I'm still trying to get life back to normal. the pain from my lovely surgery just kept getting worse and worse last week. I finally called the doctor and was rushed in to make sure everything was okay. I was worried about an infection. Turns out I didn't have one but he took the stitches out and said the pain was coming from the exposed tissue. Lovely. He sent me on my way with stronger pain pills. If only it was that easy. I mean, how is one suppose to care for children taking pain pills? Yet, how is one to function without the pain pills? Let's say I somehow managed but it wore me down. My dad and brother along with Kreg spent Saturday laying tile in the kitchen. Which means we had to move everything out. Now my fridge, kitchen table and chairs are in the living room along with all my other living room furniture. My job for the weekend entailed keeping the kids out of the kitchen and out of the guys way. Which would have been easy except for the fact that 1. I was in so much pain I could barely speak to the kids and 2. to get rid of the pain, I had to take pain meds. But.....the kitchen turned out great.
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Hunter had his 1st t-ball game which I sadly missed but he looked so darling.
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And after living through a weekend of complete chaos and pain, I put another call in the dentist. Turns out a piece of a stitch was still in my mouth causing most of the pain. He took that out. We should hopefully have the biopsy results tomorrow.

Since we've pretty much been eating out since last Thursday, due to not being able to be in the kitchen, I took the kids to Whole Foods today for a healthy lunch. We made it through the store and up to the roof to eat and play. No minute we sit down and eat, Jay has to go potty. Which Hunter proudly tells him, go in the bushes. The men around us laughed. I trekked him to the bathroom telling Hunter to keep the birds away from our food. We make it back and our food is thankfully still there. Hunter tells us he was throwing food to the birds. Jay takes his bread and starts to throw it down on the ground. Hunter freaks out and yells, not the good bread and before I know it, Hunter is going behind Jay and eating all the bread off the ground. So much for eating healthy today!