Monday, September 15, 2008

decorating for fall.

I know, it's the 2nd time we have a nice little north breeze and a little cooler tempatures but I've already been bitten by the fall bug.

last week I broke down twice making Caramel Apple Pies and last night I made Crumble Top Pumpkin muffins.

The halloween/fall decorations were just calling my name.

so I put up a few things while the boys were at school.

Jayden just came up to me and asked me if lots of crows were coming.

I scratched my head and said no, but asked "why?"

to which he replies "well, we have lots of scarecrows around. the crows eat the corn so we have to put up scarecrows because they scare the crows. so do we have lots of crows coming?"

......guess I need to rethink what I decorate with.


shalonda said...

lol! about the crows! btw i am sad that we werent able to see you this weekend i really wanted you to meet camdyn but i understand things arent right with yalls family situation right now....praying for peace in your heart and in your family

Anonymous said...

i feel ya....i'm so ready to decorate!!! how have you guys been? are you not doing mops this year?

Kristi said...

hey girl! I love fall and Halloween is our favorite. I noticed you took Pocket Full of Sunshine off your player. Just so you know - Kylie dances to it everytime she hears it on your blog - thanks so much for providing her entertainment :)