Wednesday, April 09, 2008

busy little life.

in between the Antique Fair, Brad Pitt, T-Ball, the MS150 and our normal hectic life, things have been BUSY around here.

and in case you don't keep up with good 'ole or any other celeb gossip (I know, who has the time!) Brad Pitt was around La Grange this weekend.

Friday, while I'm hanging out at the MOPS garage sale, Justin gives me a call to tell me he saw Angelina Jolie in Wal-Mart in Bastrop. Her and Brad Pitt and the clan are staying in Smithville to film a movie. Justin's coach stopped Angelina and asked to take pictures with her, but the body guard informed everyone, it was family time. But that's didn't stop any of the tennis players from snapping pictures with their cell phone camera's.

Saturday, while my girlfriends and I are out browsing the Antique Fair in Round Top, we learn Brad Pitt is at the courthouse and Angelina is shopping at various shops around the Courthouse Square.

So this little town is buzzing.

And while the Antique Fair has winded down, we are gearing up for the MS150 this weekend.

And I've truly forgotten how much fun the Antique Fair is to browse. My girlfriends and I spent the weekend scouting out a place to have a booth this fall and trying to decide if it was worth it.

It was so GREAT to see so many of my friends who made it down to shop this semi-annual event and those who didn't make it, need to make plans to come down this fall! Seriously! Who can pass up the chance to shop at one of the world's biggest Flea Markets?

T-ball has started up and Hunter is enjoying himself. We are on the Astros again this year which is great that Jayden can wear last year's uniform to support his brother.

I have to have a good chuckle because everyone seems to have such a hard time telling the boys apart around here. From family to friends, if they aren't used to being around the boys, they don't know which is which. Almost everyone thinks they are twins and then can't ever tell who's older. They are basically the exact same size these days.

And whoever thought the 2 and 3's were terrible, haven't met my Ferocious 4 year old. WOW. This age is so hard on him. I think it's the independence he wants yet the fact that he will always be the 'baby.' Somedays I just want to sit and cry with him.

Thankfully the weather has been nice and we've been taking advantage of it by playing in the water every afternoon.

The boys planted a tomato plant and are already excited as can be that a tomato has sprouted. They carefully watch it each day to see how much it has grown. Man how I wish I could plant a HUGE garden. But darling little Jezabell keeps me from doing so. But if she keeps up her behavior of barking ALL NIGHT LONG we might have to trade her for the garden. And I swear, as much as I love dachshunds, they have the most annoying bark.


Anonymous said...

Emily cought a hot of Mt. Brad Pitt at the courthouse...