Wednesday, March 05, 2008

can you forgive me?

I do have a good reason for being a bad blogger this week.
Yes, that's how we spend our evenings and sometimes mornings and days.

I've had the reminiscent of a migraine for the past 3 days and the boys asthma & allergies have been flaring up.

And since I'm having some tooth pain, I'm spending my nights & days, grinding the heck out of my teeth and locking my jaw. Oh the fun of TMJ. I've got to find an Acupuncturist & quick.

Topled with it being SXSW, I've pumped out close to 100 candles in the past 2 days along with helping out at Hunter's school Field Trip Fundraiser Dinner in which I had to bake for the bake sale and then help make plates & sell dessert.

I finally just packaged up our extra nebulizer & sent it to school with Jayden. I've got to get work done at work instead of running around with inhalers.

I'm exhausted.

It's always so nice to be acknowledged for the efforts you put in at school events. I figure if I have the time, I'm more than happy to help. So I've been asked to serve on the School Board or PTC. I ready for the challenge?


Anonymous said...

I have been at the boys school cranking out cookies -130 dozen so far- for a bake sale.

And remember- I do not like to cook/bake all that much!

I just kept reminding myself " It is for he kids"... And they owe me about 3 cases of wine to date.