Friday, November 21, 2008

School Pictures.

Can't believe I haven't shared these.

First, my darling Hunter
He's 6 going on 16. 1st grade has caused him to blossom in even more ways. Reading is his passion. He was quick to get his picture on the wall for Accelerated Reading & just yesterday he earned 30 points and his free Whataburger meal. This child is highly motivated. He's also grabbed math by the horns. He loves to be challenged and his sometimes quite the challenge himself.

And my darling Jayden. He provides me with the biggest hurdles in life. A few weeks ago at our Fall Festival, he went into respiratory distress. Talk about a frightening time. It took me a while to put everything together but I came to realize how important it is to keep this kiddo "corn free." When school started, I thought by letting him eat just that little bit @ lunch, in the bread or tortilla's, wasn't going to bother him as long as I watched his diet otherwise. After a week of him having some behavior issues at school, it dawned on me. That little bit of corn is effecting him. So I began the diligent job of wiping out his diet. And made an appointment to see our allergist. She confirmed my suspicions for me. Since starting his new diet over the summer, the kid has been extremely well & his behavior has changed completely. He finally felt better! By exposing him back to the allergen, he was getting irritated & it was causing his lungs to get inflamed. We set the recipe for disaster. So now he is feeling about 99% better. We've discovered that steroids is the WRONG answer for his problems. Turns out, they are derived from corn. So we are working on trying to get a formula compounded for when the occasion arises. We are also now equipped with an Epi-Pen for emergency situations, such as the respiratory distress. And we watch his diet like hawks.

So I've been working on putting our own "Medical Kit" together and Kreg and I have been learning how to administer the Epi-Pen. They say it's a breeze when your child is in distress.

And here's our church family picture I never got around to sharing:

it turned out decent. I spent 3 1/2 hours at the doctor yesterday trying to get some answers. He told me I have 2 options at this point in my life:

1. Surgery

2. Have another baby.

Can you guess which option has been chosen?


ashspence said...

You guys look great! What, no plans for another baby? =) Hope all goes well with the surgery. Glad to hear Jayden's doing good with the diet. That must be so scary to see him in such distress! You're such a good mama, I'm sure you'd have absolutely no problem doing whatever you had to to help one of your boys.