Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Installment #1

Something new here to talk about my accomplishments for the MOTY award. (Mother of the Year!)
As you can read below, I was a bit under the weather over the weekend. But that didn't stop me from pulling my rear out of bed on Saturday morning @ 7 AM to be at the soccer field by 7:45 AM. We arrived, tissues in hand, for a bright & early 8 AM game. Now on my schedules, both boys had 8 AM games. Great. Our morning was going to be short & sweet at the soccer field. Yea....not so much. Hunter was actually scheduled for 9:15.
So after spending 2 hours in the cool morning air that turned warm quickly & on a field with NO grass, just dust & dirt, my head really felt like it was going to explode. I went home to resort to the couch & some Nyquil Nightime formula since that's the only medicine in the cabinet we had the box for & it described all of my symptoms.
Now I'm sure somewhere on that box it said that drowsiness may occur yet excitability may occur but to be careful driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery.
Not sure how I ended feeling grand enough to go outside and water the grass. Hunter followed suit to swing on our famous front yard swing. It's amazing how much use we get out of that $10 disk swing. Everyone loves it.
The boys and I have this new game where I push them as high as they can go. They get amount 2 minutes of excitability out of it before fighting over who's going next.
So on this lovely Saturday morning, I gave Hunter his normal push but then decide to give him an extra one. or maybe it was the excitability from the Nyquil.
Hunter squealed with delight until he reached about 5 feet in the air & then he decided to let go......with both hands......out over the cement curb & road.....
And so my darling 6 year old landed from 5 feet in the air onto the hard ground. I stood there shocked, not able to move. (Nyquil?)
Hunter actually held it together quite well. He was upset but ended up with nothing more than a cut on his wrist & a bruise on his knee. But I felt like the worst mom ever.


shalonda said...

oh my word angie?!?!? i had to wait until the end of the story to make sure he wasnt hurt then i allowed myself to laugh a little, heehee