Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear Mr. Refridgerator Repair Man:

Next time you decide to use a leaf blower to clean the coil under the fridge, please inform me before doing so. The 7 years of dirt, dust, grime & just plain nasty stuff all over the kitchen is making my children sick.

And I really wanted to spend Valentines Night and the night before we leave for my brother's wedding, cleaning up hundreds, NO, make that THOUSANDS of dirt/dusk balls the size of tennis balls, wiping down every single item in the kitchen, mopping the floors and rewashing all the dishes.

Yes you were cheap. Yes you were quick but I'd pay anything not to have to clean what I have to clean.

A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Be sure to clean UNDER your fridge more than once every 7 years. Nobody ever told me that.


shalonda said...

good advice i must add this to my to do list now, lol!!!!