Wednesday, December 19, 2007

highlights and lowlights

boy have we been busy!

the kids and I have been working hard this week to make snowman poop, magic reindeer food and grinch toots. you just never know what you will get for Christmas from us ;)

Hunter had his school program Monday night and it was too precious. His classed dressed in pj's and held stuff animals and sang "Away in a Manger." If I could only figure out how to load a video........

Today was Jayden's program and party and, much to my surprise, he did GREAT! He walked into church a little unsure but as soon as he saw me and my mom, he was nothing but smiles and waves.

There is nothing cuter than listening to kids sing and dance this time of year. It melts my heart. Both of the boys school do such a great job.

Hunter is wrapping up his basketball season. Already! He only had 5 games and tomorrow night is his last. Just picture 5 year old playing ball. And we've had some high scoring games. 6-4 was the all time best. But poor little Hunter can't even reach the basket. Thank goodness Popo came and watched and got the boys a "real" basketball goal for Christmas. Hopefully next year he will be more prepared.

I was finally able to score a Wii for the boys and by that, I mean all 3 of them! I don't have any clue about this thing. All I know is that it better be worth want I went through to get it. I can't wait to see Hunter's face Christmas morning. I do hear they are coming out with yoga for the wii........but it will probably end up on the shelf next to the Dance Dance Revolution mat for playstation that we never use to work out with...................

The great part about having to spend all that time at Best Buy was that I was able to score my Gateway Laptop for $300 less than retail! Woo-hoo. But how horrible are we to not own a Dell ? Hey.....if you could get a Dell for $299, I'd be all over that.

Saturday night we took the boys to the Trail of Lights here in La Grange. It was an old timey German Christmas in a house built in the 1800's. Kreg and I really enjoyed hearing the history of the house. The boys got to see Santa, yet again.

if I could get my Christmas miracle of the boys staying well, we are going to try to go to the trail of lights in Austin.

but of course, it's that time of the year for us and both boys have hacking coughs, runny noses and sound completely miserable. I let them sleep in yesterday morning and we went to school late. Boy was Hunter mad. He told me last night, he never wants to do that again. He wants to get up and go to school. I thought it would be better to try and ward off any illness with some extra sleep.

well I have over 300 pictures on my camera to upload and the timer is going off on the oven. I'll post some pictures of our latest fun later.


shalonda said...

can you please email me i cant find yrou email or home address and i need to sen dyall yoru christmas card!!!!! thanks hun